How to Backup Chats in GBWhatsApp?

It is of course essential to back up chat history to save the important conversations and it is useful to restore them on a new device or after re-install an app. GBWhatsApp: It is a famous variant of the genuine WhatsApp and it has more features such as creating backup and restoring chat history. A Step by step guide on how to ensure your chats are backed up in GBWhatsApp safely

How To Get Back Up In Gbwhatsapp

Go to GBWhatsApp settings to start the back upunlink process

After that, Open GBWhatsApp on your phone.

Since you have done so, tap the three dots in the top right hand corner to open the menu.

Click on Settings then click on Chats then Chat backup. This section is where you can control how you process the backup of your chats and when.border-purfplish

Choosing the Backup Frequency

The application lets the user set the auto-backup schedule to his liking. You can opt into daily, weekly, or monthly backups. We recommend to use daily backup for quick conversations that you can not afford to lose. To set this up:

3: Look for the Back up to Google Drive option in the Chat backup settings.

Decide how frequent you want your backups to occur.

Selecting What to Backup

You can choose whether to backup videos. However, videos take up a large amount of your backups so it may take some time to upload if you have to do it using mobile data. To toggle this option:

Secondly, in the Chat backup settings disable the 'Include Videos' option or keep it on based on your choice.

Performing a Manual Backup

If you do not wish to wait for the scheduled backup at any time you can perform a manual backup:

Tap the BACK UP button in the chat backup settings.

This will then immediately back up your chat history to google drive.

Restoring from a Backup

It is easy to recover your chat history while switching phones or reinstalling the GBWhatsApp. Make certain you are logged in to the same Google account you backed up, if you are, do this:

How to Install GBWhatsApp on a New Device / Fresh install.

Download the app & Login to the app with mobile number.

This type of app, however, will be able to detect the backup automatically and ask us if we want to restore our backup.

Click on 3 Option Dots on upper right side & Click Restore to restore chats from Google Drive.

Safety and Security Tips

To ensure the safety and security of your chats in your back up, the following also should be taken care of:

Always remember to secure your backups whenever you backup using your Google Drive account - set a strong password and Apply 2FA.

Downloading large chunks of data to back up big files can swell pretty quickly so if you are on a data plan, keep an eye on your data usage.

Always review your backup settings periodically to confirm that they are still set the way you want them to be.

Final Thoughts

its a simple yet much needed way to save your chat without wasting anytime, so how do you backup your chats in GBWhatsApp. You have now, secured your chats even, in case of a change of the device or a reinstall of the app etc. A track of the past - Backups that will not let you down, leaving you alone and helpless, a fridge of spoiled milk for you to drink, ensuring you feel no different from before, effortless continuityomen For example, please remain emotionally indifferent to this oneoptional (Read: easy cum easy go, right?).

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